Wednesday, March 25, 2009

pasta, second try

I was afraid that my first successful pasta making was just beginners luck. And it was. The second time I failed miserably. Perhaps it was because I used different flour, durum flour which behaved a bit differently. Perhaps it was because I didn’t bother to measure quantities flour and eggs. Perhaps it was because I left it for too long to the fridge. Perhaps it was all together, but the result was non-sticking and very not solid and ugly-looking mass which took only shapes it wanted, not what i wanted. and becoming noodles was not in its plan.

I was ready to toss it to garbage, but a friend who was visiting saved it – added more flour, more eggs, more rude words and it worked. sort of. It was very eggy and weird. but edible.

AND – if you add some red wine, some smashed canned tomatoes and a bit of sugar to minced beef meat, i think you can eat it with anything and it’ll taste just great. even strange noodles.



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